The Deluge Series

At the crossroads of technology and traditional handcraft

THE MYTHS: Ancient Deluge mythology first appeared in the Eridu Genesis around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. Ziusudra, a man well known for his humility and obedience. Ziusudra did as Sumer God commanded him and built a huge boat, in which he successfully rode out the flood. Then similar stories were then appeared in Epic Atrahasis (1500 BC), Epic of Gilgamesh, Deucalion in Greek folk mythology, Noah in Genesis, and Yu in ancient Chinese myth.

THE DESIGN: We have been developing prototypes before The Deluge is the first series fountain pen released by our team, Genesis Pen. They tributes to the cultural heroes in the Deluge mythology by using the unique interior barrel design. The transparent barrel refracts the unique internal ink chamber. It assembled with a stack of rectangular blocks representing the Tablet of Eridu Genesis. Each layer of block rotates 11 degrees symbolizes the Deluge story in the Tablet XI of Epic of Gilgamesh. The whole structure consists of 50 layers of blocks and assembles as a helical structure that emulates the DNA 3D structure, the fundamental molecule of life. The ink chamber capacity is approximately 3 ml, which is larger than most cartilages and converters. The Deluge initially comes with three styles named Ziusudra, Atrahasis, and Deucalion, after the historical heroes in the Deluge stories. 

Deluge - Noah

The Noah has been re-deisgned from ground up. With the improved material, anti-leaking design, and the surface finishing, the Noah has made great improved compared to the previous version of Deluge. The ink chamber in helical structure within the red resin make the Noah exceptionally unique.

Deluge - Yu (Limited Edition)

Deluge in pre-historic China

Deluge  - Ziusudra

First of all Deluges

Deluge - Atrahasis

Form the Akkadian/Babylonian epic

Deluge - Deucalion

The son of Prometheus



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