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Genesis - Norsemen - Raven Black, an over-size resin fountain pen that tributes to the ancient Norse. The fountain pen is filled with nordic elements that came from the Ancient Norse Myths and cultures.

Urushi Series

No Two Alike

All the Urushi fountain pens are resulted from the combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional arts. The pens are hand-painted with Japanese Urushi, which are made from natural Urushi trees which doesn't contain any hazardous substances. Hardened Urushi lacquer forms a protective waterproof coating that repels mold and mildew, and also prevents rotting and weathering.

Resin Pens


Our Resin Pens are designed for everyday use. Made of newly developed material with modern minimalistic design, our pens are fine-tuned for long period of writing.

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The Deluges

From Kickstarter Project

Tributes to the cultural heroes in the Deluge mythology by using the unique interior barrel design. The transparent barrel refracts the unique internal ink chamber. It assembled with a stack of rectangular blocks representing the Tablet of Eridu Genesis. Each layer of block rotates 11 degrees symbolizes the Deluge story in the Tablet XI of Epic of Gilgamesh. The whole structure consists of 50 layers of blocks and assembles as a helical structure that emulates the DNA 3D structure, the fundamental molecule of life.


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