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Genesis - Magma (MID)

Genesis - Magma (MID)

SKU: 02002

A minimalistic body design is covered with high quality of Japanese Urushi in unique lava pattern. The Magma, represents the very beginning period of time during Hadean Eon when the Earth was covered in molten rocks and magma ocean.

Material: Resin core

Surface: Japanese Urushi

Pattern: Magma (Red/Gold/Black)

Body dimension : 120 mm x 17 mm

Section diameter : 10.5 mm - 12.7 mm

Nib: Engraved black ruthenium coated #6 Jowo nib (F, M, Stub 1.1)

Weight : 26 gram

Ink filling : Converter (included)

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Packing: Box with pen pouch

Ship within 7 days

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