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Genesis - Lignin

Genesis - Lignin

The Genesis - Lignin in our Urushi series represents the beginning of evolution of wood on earth during the Carboniferous period. The pen surface is painted with multilayers of coloured high quality Japanes Urushi to create the wood-like texture. On the surface, extra 5 layers of semi-transparent metallic urushi was applied. All the layers blend together forming an unique pattern over the surface of the pen. The pen was hand-painted and polished. Each pens are having their own signature pattern just like the wood in nature. 
Material: Resin core
Surface: Japanese Urushi
Pattern: Brown, gold, bronze  
Size : 150 mm x 17 mm
Nib: German made #6 Jowo two-tone steel nib
Weight : 28 gram
Ink filling : Converter (included)
Packaging : Wooden box with pen pouch

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