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Genesis - Glowing Charcoal

Genesis - Glowing Charcoal

SKU: 02006

Genesis - Glowing Charcoal, is one of the most unique fountain pens in our Urushi Collection. Multiple layers of red Urushi was used as the base and on the surface, textured black Urushi was painted which represent the charcoal. At the top of the barrel, a dramatic change of color gradient and texture from textured black to polished gold, red, and brown assemble a burning charcol. The pen was built from rigid resin which is hard and long lasting. The threads between the cap and the barrel are re-designed that the pen can be uncapped by turning only 360˚. Furthermore, this design of threads also allow us to cover the treads by our Urushi to protect and smoothen the process. Only limited stock is available and it will be ship within 3 days.

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