Norsemen - Íslendingasögur

Norsemen - Íslendingasögur


The Íslendingasögur tribute to the voyage and migration to the beautiful Iceland. The sanded black color represents the black sand beach around the coast of Iceland, while the green barrel represents the soil covered with soft and beautiful grasses in the summer.


Material: Resin

Surface: Matte black and translucent green with Norse elements

Body dimensions : 147 mm x 17 mm (with cap); 137 mm x 17 (without cap)

Section diameter : 17 mm - 14 mm Yes

Nib: Polished Steel #6 Jowo nib ( F, M, B)

Weight : 28 gram

Ink filling : Converter (included)

Posting: Yes

Packing : wooden box with pen pouch.

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