Norsemen - Jötunn (Black)

Norsemen - Jötunn (Black)

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The Genesis - Jötunn tributes to mythological creatures from the Norse Mythology. It is a brand new design with a unique ink window at the barrel. At the inner surface, the ink window engraved with the signature"Tree of Life" symbol.


Material: Resin

Surface: Matte black and translucent red with Norse elements

Body dimensions : 147 mm x 17 mm (with cap); 137 mm x 17 (without cap)

Section diameter : 17 mm - 14 mm

Nib: Polished Steel #6 Jowo nib ( F, M, B)

Weight : 29 gram

Ink filling : Converter (included)/eye dropper

Posting: No

Packing : wooden box with pen pouch.

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