Norsemen - Sleipnir

Norsemen - Sleipnir

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The Norsemen - Sleipnir is an over-size resin fountain pen that tributes to the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin in the Norse Mythology. The fountain pen is filled with nordic elements that came from the Norse Myths and cultures. The Sleipnir uses matte white and translucent resin. The engraved Nordic pattern are highlighted with gold paint. The top of the barrel assembles the shield that Viking carried. The cap is made of rigid matte white resin that engraved with Nordic knots. 

Material: Resin 
Surface: Matte White and Translucent with Norse elements 
Body dimensions : 147 mm x 17 mm (with cap); 137 mm x 17 (without cap) 
Section diameter : 17 mm - 14 mm 
Yes Nib: Gold-plated Steel #6 Jowo nib (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1) 
Weight : 28 gram 
Ink filling : Converter (included) 
Posting: Yes 
Packing : wooden box with pen pouch. 
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Jowo #6 steel nib


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