Genesis - Asphalt

Genesis - Asphalt


Genesis - Asphalt is made of newly developed material with minimalistic design. The novel black resin with unique reflective property that reflects gold surface only at the two ends of the pen, while the other parts of the body remains black. It is one of the most unique materials have been used in making fountain pens. The pen body is very rigid, glossy, non-slippery, and warm when touched. The Asphalt is having a well-balanced centre of gravity. The section of the pen is intentionally sanded for better gripping. It uses convertor and #6 Jowo black ruthenium coat nib.

Material: Resin
Surface: Glossy Black
Body dimension : 120 mm x 17 mm
Section dimension : 10.5-12.5 mm
Nib: Engraved black ruthenium coated #6 Jowo nib (F, M, Stub 1.1)
Weight : 27 gram
Ink filling : Converter (included)
Post: Unable to post
Package : Box with pen pouch



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